Dragon City Hack Tool V 2.6 2013
Are you being frustrated about not having enough food, gold or gems to get your style set up? Impress all your friends at Dragon City and download the Dragon City Hack Tool now!!
  • Hack up to: 10,000 of gems, 100,000 of food and 1,0000,000 of gold
  • Easy to use: In just a couple of clicks
  • 100% safe: Tested with Jotti’s malware scan.
  • A new 100% working hack tool: read comments below.
  • Anti-ban protection – The hacked items are untraceable.
  • Free of Charge: It won’t charge you a dime for using.

    1st: Download and update
    First thing you gotta do is download Dragon City Hack Tool and let it update automatically with latest version (v.2.6 at the currently) so that the tool be perfectly working and safe. Make sure you have requirements system that support our tool: which are listed below:

    • Windows ( XP , Vista and 7 )
    • Linux ( Ubuntu Only )
    • OS X

    2nd: Set up – Connect
    Once you downloaded, extract the archived file (included Dragon City Hacking tool and INFO text) and open it. Click on Sign in with Facebook to connect our tool with Dragon City server, just log in to Facebook and keep in mind that don’t close the browser (our tool running in background to constantly accessing to hacking process)
    3rd: Hack your rewards
    There is 3 optional check-boxes to select your rewards (Gems, Food, Gold) all you have to do is just tick on one or all of them and select the amount of it, once you carefully check just press on “Hack” button to proceed hacking.
    4th: Claim your rewards
    The hacking process may take up to 5 minutes depend on your internet speed, Once it done then reload your browser and the rewards according to your selection earlier will be successfully credited to your account! Note: we 100% guarantee that our tool perfectly working, but sometimes due to too slow internet speed or exceeding traffic (too many people access to our server) will cause the program be stuck or not crediting rewards to your account. In that case just exit the tool and try again.

    Q: Is it safe? Will I get ban from using this hack?
    A: Its 100% safe. It just replace some part of the game data which is totally undetectable. It also offers an abuse protection which stop the hack when the limit is reach.

    Q: What's the limit of this hack?

    A: 10,000 gems is the limit. Once you reach that limit, gem hack will stop working. You need to wait for 1 day for the gem hack to work again. Food and Gold hack will still work. You can use the Food and Gold Hack for as many times as you want. Only the Gem hack will not work even if you put an amount on the Gem. This is to secure your account and prevent from getting banned.

    Q: Why only 10,000 gems?

    A: 10,000 gems is the safest. We already tried several values, but values greater than 10,000 gems triggers some inconsistency on the data that may lead to detection of the hack. 1 week waiting period is also needed since Social Point do a test every week.



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